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This is really
simple.  I’m known
for explaining
things in my own
odd way.
Therefore, you
may have to read
excerpts a couple
of times.  I want
you to because it
is not really as
complex as you, or
anyone else, would
like to make it.  
Quite simply, you
eat what you know
is right, get off
your butt, turn off
the TV, and don’t
live in front of the
Vogue Vegetable
Vogue Vegetable
Favorite salt free
Vogue Vegetable
is not just for
Veggies anymore!
No Salt
Enjoy Your Food
again. Whats in it?
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With two young
children of my own kids
health is very
Parents it is very hard
these days to keep our
children healthy and
active but we must do
it. The beast way to
start is at the dinner
table as a family.
"Let my food speak for
my past and my
passion speak for the
future” - Chef Ed
Food waste is treated in a Waste=Food system.  This means that it is saved with
other biodegradable waste to feed the compost pile which, when broken down, is
used as fertilizer for the fresh produce grown at chef Eds garden.  Other
vegetables are supplied by local farmers and local
organizations, adhering to ChefEd's "fresh and local grown produce only" policy.

Holly Gioia is our Green project consultant. Miss Gioia has a Masters in Business
and Sustainability from
Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA and visits the site personally twice a year.
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Did you Know? Chef Edward Rhinehart CCP, FMP, CRFC is a
culinary educator, cook book author, and owner of Chefed
preferred products. He writes recipes consults for restaurants.
Carves fruit sculptures for special events.
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Ed Rhinehart

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